Monday, September 9, 2013

Free for Everyone's Access

Recently I’ve taken on a new ministry as temporary pastoral administrator at Nativity in Brockport, New York. The learning curve is steep and quick, and the amount of names and information to cram into my mind is very large.

You know what factor of this new time has pushed me into new lines of thinking? Codes, access numbers, PINs and passwords.  They govern our passage through so many doors. I needed to learn, retain and use at least ten new ones for garage doors, security systems, websites and specialized documents.  A friend of mine has her access list on her computer: three pages of them.

So what I have been thinking about, then, is what is free for everyone’s access? Air, the weather, the ideas, inventions  and discoveries of the centuries, library books, certainly, and most certainly God’s presence and gifts.

            Freely have you received, freely give, Jesus says in Matthew 10.8.

            You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (Jn.8.32)

            To the thirsty I will give freely from the font of life. (Rev.21.6)

            Christ has set us free, so stand firm and do not submit again to the
                                             yoke of slavery. (Gal.5.1)

The freedom of God is given to us not to be kept for ourselves, but to share with others so that they may  become free as well.

Let’s think about that as we enter the world of access prohibited without a code.