Thursday, December 21, 2017

Treasuring the Son

Dear Friends,

Here’s a story I found somewhere. It reveals how Christ comes to all who are open to Him, but we have to keep our eye on Him and value Him beyond all earthly treasures.

“Once there was a gifted artist whose paintings glowed with life, moved people to thoughts of God, thoughts of peace and new realizations about life. This artist’s paintings received rave notices even during his lifetime. Everyone wanted one. But the artist would not sell them.

“Toward the end of his life, the artist sketched a portrait of his son, who had died some time before. The work was crude, unfinished, with only hints of what the son looked like in all his human beauty.

“The artist died, and as decreed in his will, the paintings all went to auction. The world’s rich and famous gathered there, ready to lay out millions for the work of their choice. Each bidder knew there would be a battle ahead. All had their money ready.

“The auctioneer began.

“’Ladies and Gentleman, according to the will of the artist, the bidding is to begin with this unfinished portrait of the artist’s son.

“’What am I bid for it, please?’


“A second and a third time, the auctioneer pleaded with someone, anyone to begin the bidding.


“Finally, a woman wearing a funny little hat, who had only come to look and had very little money to spend, thought tenderly of the father and son.

“Timidly the woman said, ‘Five dollars.’ (That was all she could afford.)

“'I have five dollars,’ the auctioneer proclaimed, disbelieving. ‘Will anyone make it 10?’


“’Sold to the woman in the funny little hat for five dollars.’

“’Ladies and Gentlemen,’ the auctioneer continued. ‘The auction is over, for the artist decreed that whoever gets the son, gets everything.’”

Joy to you this Christmas for treasuring the Son.

~Sister Joan Sobala