Monday, July 28, 2014

Create Your Creed

Dear Friends,

Each weekend at Mass, Roman Catholics recite the Creed – either the more ancient Apostles’ Creed or the fourth century Nicene Creed. These are among the proclamations Christians hold dear, because they contain the basic elements of our faith.

In the years that I was teaching, or when groups have gotten together for a retreat, I have  asked  participants to write their own creed, not to supplant but to supplement the historic creeds. I’ve done this myself, producing a half dozen versions of a creed, as I’ve grown in consciousness of who God is, who we are and how human consciousness is expanding. Here’s one example. Take some time to write your own this summer. It need not contain every aspect of faith, but only those which are stirring in you at the moment. If you want to be even more daring, share it with someone.

                                    I believe God, Imaginative  Creator .
I believe Jesus, our Brother and Saviour.
                                    I believe the Spirit, moving over the chaos.
                                    They are the One that, with us, makes life here
congruent with life hereafter.
                                    I believe that a tool of this congruence is the church,           
                                                called to welcome the stranger,
                                                offer the sacraments.
                                                practice compassion
                                                and do justice,
                                    While on its way to becoming obsolete,
                                    Overtaken by the Kindom of God,
                                                replete with harmony,
                                                with every shadow gone
                                    And life lived in mutual embrace with a tender God.