Monday, September 16, 2013

Realizations About the Core of Christian Faith

Dear Friends,
You and I have been taught that the center, the core of Christian faith is to believe in Jesus.
Here are some realizations about Jesus to mull over and to take to heart.
To believe in Jesus …
                … is to be faithful to who He is really and not to who we think He is.
                … is to know and embrace Jesus  as the Risen Lord.
                … is not just an intellectual thing. It has to do with the “illogical logic” of the heart.
                … is not to be solitary. Jesus calls us to be a community of believers.
                … is to know that God acts in human life only when there is human readiness/human consent.
                … is to  both rest and be restless in the faith we profess.
Still it is not enough to confess that Jesus is the Risen Christ, present in our midst here and now.
Belief, if it is true and real, propels us into action, seeing, touching, ministering  as Jesus did.
In your life, when has your belief in the Risen One moved you to action? What happened?
Was it life-giving, life-changing for you or for others? Did you come to look at and engage the world
differently because, like the disciples after the resurrection, you could say “ I have seen the Risen
                Holy One, Jesus, Our Savior and God,
    We stand, walk, leap, run through this world
                With all those you have given us as
                brothers and sisters.
                Help us to be and do all that is possible and necessary
                To help Your Father’s  Reign come to fullness..
                May our strength, energy and conviction
                Begin in You and end in You.
May your week be blessed
~Joan Sobala, SSJ
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