Monday, November 3, 2014

Divine Perspective

Dear Friends,
The content of the last two week’s blogs have centered on heavy experiences in today’s world. With the turn into November, we pause to put our lives and our world in a divine perspective. We lift our eyes, still our minds and hold God close. Here are some short pieces to help us focus.

This is from Catherine of Siena:  You { O God} are a fire burning and never consumed.
                                 You are a light, ever shining and never fading.
                                 You are goodness, beyond all goodness
                                 beauty, beyond all beauty
                                 wisdom, beyond all wisdom
                                 You are the food that satisfies all hunger.

Source unknown:                           

Be daring. Be silent. Be still. Alone.
                            Empty before your God.
                            Say nothing. Ask nothing. Be silent. Be still.
                            Let your God look upon you.
                            That is all.
                            God knows.
                            God understands.
                            God loves you with an enormous love.
                            God only wants to look upon you with love.
                             Be still.
                              Let your God love you.

Today, play with God.
Let God be your lover, companion and friend.
God is the partner of our every enterprise.
God is the loveable lover of all that is human.
God: creator, redeemer, healer, inspirator, beckoner,
                                      humbly wants us now and forever.
Be one with God,
And if you think you can’t, ask.
Raise up your arms to be lifted up as children seek a confidently loved adult to raise them up.
It is the nature of God to lift up .

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 19, when psychiatrist Dr. John McIntyre walks us through The Gifts and Pitfalls of the Internet , how they find their ways into our lives for better or worse. What do we do to be “ in charge” of our internet use?