Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Spirit

One of the characters in Joyce Carol Oates' work Heat was talking about an importnat historical moment: "I wasn't there,but some things you know"

It's true, isn't it?
We know in some mysterious way the import of Christ's coming
We weren't there.
But we are here.
And Christ is here.
In war ravaged Syria and with the homeless in shelters around our country.
Christ is here.
And Christmas continues to come
In the face of hatred and warring-
no atrocity too terrible to stop it,
no Herod strong enough,
no hurt deep enough,
no curse shocking enough,
no disaster shattering enough.
For someone on earth will see the star,
someone will hear the angel voices,
someone will run to Bethlehem,
someone will know peace and goodwill:
the Christ will be born!
someone will hear the angels