Monday, September 14, 2015

Embrace Jesus with a Love Name

Dear Friends,

In Chapter 8 of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus asks the people two questions important to Him:
“Who do people say I am?” and shortly after that,” Who do you say I am?” In today’s reflection, I offer a few quotes about Jesus for us to mull over, savor, make our own or lead us to formulate our own thoughts about Jesus.
                Jesus is the undistorted image of God and the undistorted image of what it means to be human.            (Canon John Townroe)
                Jesus is the Feast, the Truth, the Life, the Covenant, Light, Freedom, Solidarity, the Good News,             the Pilgrim, the Way, the Beckoner.  (Author unknown)

                Christ is the Wisdom of God.  (Saint Augustine)

These four points about Jesus are the non-negotiables of William O’Malley, S.J.
1.       Jesus is the embodiment of God; God focused all that is God into Him.
2.       Jesus died in order to rise, to remove the curse from death and share His eternal aliveness with us.
3.       If we engraft ourselves into Jesus, we take on His values, which are subversive against all the world holds dear.
4.       We celebrate our oneness with Jesus in a community of service and a weekly meal.

And from the pen of Jessica Powers:
                                                                                    The Master Beggar
                                                                Worse than the poorest mendicant alive,
                                                                the pencil man, the blind man with his breath
                                                                of music shaming all who do not give,
                                                                are You to me, Jesus of Nazareth.
                                                                Must You take up Your post on every block                        
                                                                of every street? Do I have no release?
                                                                Is there no room on earth that I can lock
                                                                to Your sad face, Your pitiful whisper “Please?”

Now it’s your turn to embrace Jesus with a love-name… and mine.

~Sister Joan Sobala

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